Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I took that picture while biking to work on March 22. I'd known it was foggy before I even left my apartment, of course, but when I was stopped at that light on Pennsylvania Avenue I was struck by just how foggy it was, so I got out my phone and took that picture. I was at 9th and Penn, 10th at the furthest, less than a mile from the Capitol, and look, you can't even see the top of the dome! Wow!

One nice surprise about biking to work is that it's just plain fun. Like I said, I was surprised by how starting the day with light exercise actually felt nice. In addition, my route is a fun ride. It's downhill most of the way in, and about two-thirds of the way through my commute the lights are timed so that if I push myself I can just barely race through five or six blocks all without stopping. And after that I'm on Pennsylvania Avenue, with dedicated bike lanes down the middle and well-timed lights and that nice view.

That picture was taken way back in March, though, and while the view is better these days, some things aren't. Sweating in the morning is a problem and getting worse; I'm seriously considering wearing shorts to bike in the morning and leaving a wardrobe at work. And another problem is kind of funny: other people taking pictures. On the way home, more often than not I have to dodge at least one pedestrian standing in the middle of the street to take pictures of the Capitol. It's annoying.

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