Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I wonder if anyone has ever rigorous studied traffic at lost and founds. What's the most common item to wind up at one? Do people lose things when a routine gets out of whack, or when things get too complicated, or when someone else borrows something and the lender forgot, or what? How often do people go to lost and founds to find things that they'd never lost, just forgot where they put it?

I'm curious about this because I just did that. Last week I was on the bus in the morning and couldn't find my Nook and the last time I remember having it was in the locker room at work, so I figured, uh oh, I must have taken it out to move things around my bag and left it there. I couldn't find it in the locker room, so I checked the lost and founds around my office (there are apparently at least three places lost items may be taken, which seems like bad planning), and found nothing. I was getting worried. But when I got home, there it was safe on the windowsill. Oops.

The funny thing is, it's the second time I've done something like that. Some time last year I couldn't find my driver's license and figured that I'd dropped it on the bus, and left no stone unturned... except for a pocket in my wallet I never use that I'd absent-mindedly put it in. That was really embarrassing, after I'd bugged several people asking if they'd seen it.

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Linda Lunna said...

I think that you could write a book on this subject and what a good read it would be! Just think of the possibilities. I left my blue Dell computer on Amtrak a couple weeks ago but I am still waiting for the happy ending to Dell's story.....