Friday, June 08, 2012

My computer died on Saturday. Fortunately, I was around friends even more computer-savvy than me at the time, so we identified the problem relatively easily: the power supply died. I've ordered a new one from Amazon and am now waiting for it to arrive. I haven't been completely computer-deprived, of course - I can sometimes use my work computer for personal stuff, and my girlfriend lets me use hers - but even so, computer access this week has been much less convenient, private, and fun than usual. It's been hard, and a learning experience.

The absence was downright helpful, actually. I had several things to do, and I might have done them even if my computer had been working, but at least this way there was less temptation. I used my girlfriend's computer for productive stuff like paying my credit card bill. It was a rough day for other reasons, but I felt good about the lack of a computer and how I handled it.

During the day I did some basic research on what kind of power supply I needed. On the way home I swung by Best Buy, and of their two choices of power supply on the shelf I bought the one that looked more like what I needed, but when I got it home, it wasn't. So that was annoying. I never took it out of its packaging, so at least it should be easy to return. Also, my girlfriend's Wii wasn't working, so we couldn't watch anything on Netflix. That was annoying too. We didn't feel like doing anything as active as playing board games, so we put on an old episode of Fringe. My girlfriend recommends the show, and I've been slowly catching up. Overall, an OK day.

Did research and talked to those computer-savvy friends for advice. Made a new recipe for dinner, which was a bit complicated and messy, but came out OK. We learned stuff to do differently if/when we make that recipe again. In the evening we watched another episode of Fringe, maybe also The Daily Show, I don't remember. Getting restless, and the problems with dinner were only part of it. Also, I normally raid with my guild in World of Warcraft on Tuesday nights and I missed that tonight, so I felt a bit guilty and lonely for not showing up. Especially because I didn't let them know about it. (It would have been hard but not impossible.)

Ordered the part from Amazon in the morning. I was annoyed at myself that I waited this long to order it and worried how long it would take to arrive. I didn't spring for the fastest shipping, though, because I'm trying to be frugal (due to the house, among other things) and I should be able to handle two or three more days without a computer, right? My girlfriend had plans after work, so I was faced with a particularly boring evening. I bought two trade paperbacks at the comic book store on the way home, and when I got home I downloaded two e-books I had been thinking about reading for a while. The thing is, I already have at least two books on my reader that it'll take me at least a month to finish at my current rate. I bought these four books out of restless boredom so, hey, why not? Except for frugality. So much for that. About $60 on things I really don't need, especially not now. In fairness, it wasn't just because of restless boredom. I had cleaned recently and found a gift card I wanted to use up rather than leave lying around. Restless boredom definitely played a part, though. I watched yet another episode of Fringe that night.

At work I had quite a burst of creativity about a story I've been meaning to write. Let's hope I haven't forgotten it by the time my computer is fixed. After I got home I fixed the Wii. It was simpler than it looked. Dinner went well. I joked with T. about itching like an addict going through withdrawal. After dinner, T. worked on some paperwork, and I helped a bit with that. When she didn't need me I went off and read in the office, but only with half my mind, because she asked for advice more than once. After that we watched two episodes of Archer through the Wii. It's a funnier and shorter show than Fringe, so it was a nice change of pace. Missed a raid again this night, though.

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