Thursday, June 14, 2012

My recent posts might seem a bit overwrought. Just a week without my own computer and I'm showing symptoms of withdrawal? Seriously? Well, no, not seriously, it's exagerrated. And even though I didn't finish and post it until Wednesday, I deliberately wrote it in the mood of right after I got back on my computer, just for effect.

But even so, it's odd. I've had week-long periods of limited computer access before. Since 2010 I've been to Paris, on a cruise, and to California for a week or longer in each case, and several shorter visits to my parents' house. In every case, my phone's Internet access was spotty, and the only computers I had access to weren't my own, and my access to them was subject to other people and an unusual schedule. And I was fine with that. I mean, sure, sometimes it was a little annoying, but change is almost always a little annoying.

So why was this past week worse than those? Several reasons, I think.
  • It was unexpected. I couldn't set aside some engrossing books I had been meaning to read for a while, or hold off on TV because I knew I'd get my fill of it soon, I just had to deal with what I had handy. Or not.
  • Otherwise, it was a normal week. (With some exceptions. See below.) When I'm in Vermont or California or France, I'm expecting things to be different and difficult in some ways, but I'm also on vacation so I'm trying to relax. This past week was my routine - breakfast, go to work, come home, have dinner with my girlfriend, play games or watch TV at night, maybe go out with friends on the weekend - except that I couldn't blow off steam in the usual way.
  • I'm busy these days. This both makes it feel worse, because when I'm stressed picayune hinderances can feel like deliberate insults, and makes it actually harder to deal with things if I need to ask to borrow my girlfriend's computer to look up financial information and try to remember passwords that are saved on my computer and stuff.
So put it all together and, yeah, of course last week was even worse than the usual week without a computer.

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