Sunday, July 22, 2012

End of an Era

For the first time in over seven years, I'm not playing World of Warcraft.

As I've discussed, I'm busy lately. It's better now than it was a month ago at this time - the wedding is over, the computer is fixed, we're no longer expecting to buy a money pit soon, we're being more relaxed about house-hunting, I'm no longer discovering new stuff in Diablo III - but I still have a fair amount going on, still want to write, and still want to completely vegetate when I do find free time. And Warcraft has got boring lately. Partly my own overexposure, partly because it's been a long time since there was new content or anything. There's just less to do there.

So with all that in mind, two weeks ago my biannual subscription renewal came up, and I didn't extend it. I'll probably be back someday, probably when the next expansion is released, but who knows. Oh well. There are other ways to kill time. Taking a break from the hobby I have put the most time and thought into since my senior year of college seems like it should be a bigger deal.

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