Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I went to Gretchen's wedding Sunday. It was a little weird. Totally secular, not that that's too unusual, traditional vows and dress code, except she was barefoot and wearing a dress much less frilly than a traditional one and had a sort of, for lack of a better term, wreath on her head. As far as I know (and I think I would) there's no real Wiccan/pagan belief in that family, so I guess it was just because they decided they would like this way the best. So... a very unique wedding. Several times during the ceremony the bride and groom were cracking up laughing. I'm not really sure what at since I was standing more to the back, and it was never at an important part like the vows. It's just that I've never seen such an upbeat wedding. The last couple weddings I was at, the groom was in tears or very nearly, and now this, where everyone was laughing and he said he wasn't even frightened. Later on, the DJ played the song "Mrs. Robinson" - hardly a normal wedding choice.

Most of the crowd there were Gretchen's family and friends of the groom. I didn't dance at all for, well, obvious reasons.

Also, I saw Johanna for the first time in more than ten years over the weekend. So she's a lot shorter than I remembered. :) And I saw Georgia with her boyfriend Todd. He seems like a nice guy. Though even quieter than me, and that's saying something. You know, I actually asked Georgia to my senior prom. (I went alone in the end, since her prom was the same night, and it was just a friendly/cowardly safety date anyway.) It's a tiny bit creepy that Gretchen looks so much like Georgia, who I'd known since we were little kids together. I mean, no one would mistake them, but the haircut, the hair color, the build, to some extent the shape of the face... if not for the fact Gretchen and I had known each other long before we dated, my parents might have been disturbed by me dating a near look-alike to a cousin.


Cyrus said...

Oh, I'm sorry. Was I unclear with names?

My parents have been friends with Charlie and Jean Siegchrist since before I was born. They have three daughters. From oldest to youngest - Johanna, Gretchen and Georgia. Georgia is a year younger than me and Gretchen is two years or so older. Not literally cousins, but I'm closer to and more familiar with them than I am with some of my parent's siblings, so...

The Gretchen I'm referring to throughout that first paragraph, the bride, is Gretchen Siegchrist. The one in the last paragraph, who Georgia resembles, is Gretchen Williams, my ex-girlfriend.

Silly me, to leave an important detail like that out by accident...

A. Azuri said...

Jesus... you scared me for a second - not being mentally present at my own wedding!
And NO, I'm not planning on getting married anytime soon.
And I hope I freaked your parents out enough by my resemblance to Georgia. You'll have to show me a picture so I can point out how different I am.