Friday, August 04, 2006

A week of vacation approaches. Cooool. Tonight and/or tomorrow morning I clean up my place at least a bit — some of the boxes can stay where they are, they have been for months and there's no reason they have to move right now, but some cleaning for the sake of the guests would be wise. Tomorrow afternoon, a family get-together. Sunday I'm probably visiting Jo, but who knows. Monday, maybe going up to Burlington at night (maybe or maybe not to spend the night), but just relaxing and having fun during the day. Tuesday, getting up at an ungodly hour and flying west to see Katye. Fun.

Work has been going well. I think one person or another at the paper has been out on vacation for the past month or more, so it's been an odd mix of having more work to do to cover the slack, but less supervision of it as the editor or publisher has been out himself.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Just to reassure people, I did not suddenly become narcissistic. Well, no more so than usual. What happened was, I logged on to for the first time in months by a very random route. And since my last login, the Cyrus Group invited me. I am the 392nd member, all of whom seem to have the same sense of humor about the name as I do.

As I read the comments on the wall, I'm laughing out loud at the number of people saying that they thought they were the only one, or at least that they have never met another. At least half or them are Persian, and quite a few of the rest are black. Which I mention because although there were a lot of fictional and inanimate and obscure Cyruses on the picture page where I found "Being Cyrus" below, I was surprised this guy didn't make the cut. Scroll down to his character's name in the 1995 movie "Smoke".

More thoughts:

As annoying as Billy Ray Cyrus is, I could have had it a lot worse than I did: I could have been related to the man (the group also includes some Cyruses for whom it is the last name. At least two of them claim to be his cousin, and that's not the kind of thing I would make up) or I could have been given the last name Cyrus, first name... William.

I'm not the first person who was called "Cyrus the Virus" long before the movie "Con Air" starred John Malkovich as a villain of that name. In fact, there's even a guy named Connor Cyrus - now that is a coincidence.

It feels weird to read a discussion like so many online, but this one says
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down the side.

Also, there is apparently a Cyrus Khan. He wins. Everything.
But can you blame me? After all, being Cyrus is tough. Everyone envies Cyrus.
I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, you can't prove anything.