Friday, August 04, 2006

A week of vacation approaches. Cooool. Tonight and/or tomorrow morning I clean up my place at least a bit — some of the boxes can stay where they are, they have been for months and there's no reason they have to move right now, but some cleaning for the sake of the guests would be wise. Tomorrow afternoon, a family get-together. Sunday I'm probably visiting Jo, but who knows. Monday, maybe going up to Burlington at night (maybe or maybe not to spend the night), but just relaxing and having fun during the day. Tuesday, getting up at an ungodly hour and flying west to see Katye. Fun.

Work has been going well. I think one person or another at the paper has been out on vacation for the past month or more, so it's been an odd mix of having more work to do to cover the slack, but less supervision of it as the editor or publisher has been out himself.

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