Friday, May 25, 2007


Oh well. It was a good episode overall. Hiro was a hero, Nathan did the right thing when he really had to choose, Niki and Jessica worked together well, and Molly and Micah were indeed cute. A bit anticlimactic, but most of the complaints I've read don't hold water. Why did Sylar just stand still at the end? Because he didn't think Hiro would go all the way. He had already tried and failed once, after all. If we're going to complain about villains gloating and overestimating their enemies, "Heroes" is not the first nor the worst offender. Why didn't Peter fly away on his own? Because it was taking all his concentration just to contain the blast. How did he talk to Charles Deveaux? Ah, well, in addition to the powers he's adopted from known characters, he's also demonstrated another ability, even if he doesn't think of it like that. Call it "true dreaming", because he's seem the present or recent past in detail, and the future in broad outline or just in terms of potential. I've assumed he got the ability from his mother, to the extent I've tried to figure it out at all, but I read this episode as stating implicitly that it came from Charles, if it matters.

The only thing I would have changed is to have a longer fight scene at the end there. What, Peter never uses telekinesis? Niki only takes one whack at Sylar with the parking meter? What a waste.

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