Monday, June 07, 2010

The rest of the weekend: fun, there's just less to say about it. T. and I went to the zoo on Saturday, which was cool just because I've never been to the Washington zoo. We also watched some TV and ran errands and ate out and just generally hung out Friday and Saturday. I was feeling a little bit guilty because we had had plans to get together Thursday night but I cancelled at the last minute, but you know, we have been seeing quite a bit of each other lately.

Sunday afternoon was, like I said, Magic: the Gathering at Dave's place with him and Paul. I played a game or two with my Ally deck, just enough to ensure that yeah it's probably tournament-competitive or close enough to not be embarrassing if I can finally get around to going to one, and the rest of the time was spent playing multiplayer games. Those are fun (obviously, or I wouldn't still be playing) but they get weird. In probably at least half the games, I got eliminated first and Paul won after being almost ignored by both of us until the end. Very few cards in the game are so good that they make up for being ganged up on, so after one of us (usually me, like I said, but it varied) played a big threat the other two would be forced to gang up on that one. And so it goes, with the person who had been doing worst winning in a couple turns after the others had battered away at each other.

In addition to my Ally deck, I also played a couple games with my Elf deck, which is turning into a masterpiece of creative, artistic, fun deckbuilding, and with a new deck I just made between getting home and going to Dave's place. (That might have contributed to how the games went; the new deck, even more than the other decks the guys were playing with, is based on using harmless weenie creatures to get out massive ones. An Eldrazi deck, basically, but with other big creatures as well. This means that the other guys have (a) plenty of warning when something is coming and (b) one big target to focus on.)

So, it was fun. I stayed out a bit later than I wanted to, and was up even later than that watching TV on my computer after I got home, but hey, I don't have any big plans for tonight.

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