Friday, May 07, 2010

Nothing is hanging over my head at the moment - mailed off a Mother's Day present on time or very close to it, finished my taxes on time, completed some minor but particularly frustrating projects at work - and it feels great. I'm still keeping busy, but as far as I know I've finished all the stuff that I "need" to take care of in my personal life for at least the next month; everything I do between now and mid-June will be just for fun or self-improvement or out of the goodness of my heart. At work, I've finished up the stuff that's all on me directly, and more generally things have slowed down compared to a week ago or two. Tonight I'm planning to watch "Iron Man 2" (which should be great, if previews and the first one and the actors in it are any indication at all) and have dinner with T. and tomorrow I'm going to do touristy stuff at embassies, and the day after that I have a perfect excuse to go home early and relax without causing anyone else any problems. Good times.

I'm almost superstitious about writing this; what if I jinx it and something goes wrong and the weekend sucks? But seriously, the real reason I'm in a good mood is that I finally took care of all the stuff I needed to take care of and my plans for this weekend are just a cherry on top of all that.

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