Monday, November 28, 2011

I think flying bothers me more than I should. I know that the experience itself can be uncomfortable for some people, but I'm not particularly claustrophobic, acrophobic, agorophobic or aviaphobic. I don't like the expense of it, but I'm not frugal about other things, and of course, it's not like anyone enjoys the expense of it either. The only problems with it I can articulate are the security line and how airports have not just lots of people, but all the worst parts of lots of people. Commercialized spaces, disorganized people in your way, etc.

Also, I got a bit snippy with my parents when it came time to leave Sunday. I didn't mean to, but T. confirmed it and in hindsight, yeah, definitely.

Part of the problem is that if problems are likely in most settings, the rational, responsible thing to do is to be early, right? You'll be at the front of the line if there are any problems, if things aren't crowded when you're there then problems are less likely in the first place, and so on.

Well, that logic makes sense regarding lots of potential problems in potential settings. By far the most common problem with flying, though, both this week and in general, is delays. So getting there early just makes that worse. More time to sit around and do nothing and/or worry.

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