Monday, November 28, 2011

My anxiety about flying? Totally justified in hindsight. My flight from DC to JFK on Wednesday was delayed by about half an hour, so we'd still make our connecting flight but we were worried about having time for dinner. We had plenty of time for dinner, though, because our flight from JFK to Burlington was delayed again and again due to multiple problems, I think. We arrived after midnight Tuesday, more than two and a half hours late. The weather didn't help; in Washington and New York it rained all day long, and in Vermont I think it started snowing around 10 p.m. Tuesday. All in all, out of four flights for Thanksgiving weekend, only one was on time. (I guess I should be glad that it was the last one, so at least we didn't get home any later than we expected.) The average delay was about 50 minutes.

Well, to be more proactive, I started a list of airlines to avoid. And I already booked my tickets for Christmas, and they aren't perfect either, but at least they're direct flights, which seems like the most important thing.

Other than the all the travel stuff, the Thanksgiving break was fine. Caught up with a bunch of family. It snowed Tuesday night, like I said, through most of the day Wednesday, and my parents live out in the woods, so we actually lost power before anyone woke up Wednesday and they didn't get it fixed until after 4:30. That was aggravating in some ways, but it was fun to see some snow briefly and without serious cold, and T. got good pictures of my parent's neighborhood covered in snow.

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