Thursday, June 10, 2004

I've just spent a free period grading a few PowerPoint presentations. The class is now quietly listening to music or playing computer games. Technically we should be studying for exams, but the class is Computer Applications. The exam is on Microsoft Excel, Access, Powerpoint, and using the Internet. Access I'm not qualified to teach about since I've never used it in my life, PowerPoint they just spent more than a week using so they're about as ready for that as they're going to get, the Internet is what most of them are using right now, even if it's not for the research they'll be asked about on the exam, and Excel... screw it, it's easy.

I've felt a little bit guilty that I'm giving these kids (kids in all six of my classes, not just this one) so much free time and stuff. Shouldn't they be learning things, working, rather than just killing time? Well, yeah... except that these past few days have just been review. There's nothing I need to teach them for the class any more. If I tried to teach them stuff they should know about other subjects or something, it wouldn't work - at this stage of the school year they couldn't care less about something that won't get graded. I don't have the ability, the resources, or the time to put together my own lesson plans and stuff. So I could give them busywork... which is just another way of killing time. At least this way they're not miserable or bored.

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