Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Whew. I don't know if it's all office jobs, all newspaper jobs, or my own inexperience and other circumstances, but this job sure can be a lot of work. Driving all over the county to talk to people for stories, almost missing one meeting because the guy before it talked (rambled? ranted?) for almost an hour more than I planned, finding out when I call the office between one stop and the next that my editor expects a story tomorrow I thought I could put on the back burner, being informed when I get back to the office that I should go to a dinner event tonight... (it was fun, by the way, but the food wasn't that great.)

I'm going to put off more substantive posting yet again, as well as some self-improvement type tasks I wanted to do. First I'm going to play some games to unwind and stuff and then I'm going to do some work - probably just a little, but I really need to do some - before bed before work tomorrow. With a little luck (a lot of luck, a level of discipline that's slightly uncharacteristic but not outside the realm of possibility, and fair amount of coffee) tomorrow afternoon will be relaxing and/or free time... can't wait.

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