Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's times like this that I really appreciate having a boring, simple, low-stress job.

The house-buying process is a mess. I'm sure it always is, but there's at least one unusual part that made our lawyer groan when he heard about it.

T. and I had been planning to go to Comic-Con this summer, and just yesterday we found out about a policy change of theirs that will make it much harder for us. One thing on my agenda for today is researching the odds that we can still go. If not, it would be annoying and frustrating because it will probably only get harder to go in future years, but I have to admit I wouldn't mind having more time and less expense this July of all times, what with the house.

A good friend of mine is getting married soon. Yay him, good news, that's cool, et cetera. The bachelor party is coming up. Cool. It'll be non-traditional. Cool. I admit I'm a tiny bit disappointed by the lack of the stereotypical hedonism, but his best man is planning a LAN party, which the groom is definitely much more suited for and I'm probably a bit more suited for it myself. So, cool. The game we're probably playing is something I'm interested in myself. Cool. But here I finally hit a snag: I'm not sure my computer can handle it. It's a new game, and my computer is four years old. Going by the numbers in the system requirements, I have more RAM than I need but less processor, and comparing my video card to the recommended one looked like apples and oranges. After a fair amount of research, two different sources tell me my video card is OK, but I'm still trying to be more certain. And I still need to look into the processor. Exactly how important is the difference? Can I easily upgrade my computer? If not, what should I do?

We're supposed to close on the house in less than a week. The bachelor party is weekend after next. The current plan is to do some repairs on the house in June and move at the start of July. Comic-Con is in the middle of July. I've been dealing with unpredictable, high-stakes, important personal stuff since we started negotiations for this house at the end of March, and that will continue through July at least. Argh. So while I don't want to be at my current forever and it certainly has its problems, I'm really glad that right now it's easy to send a bunch of personal e-mails during the day and take time off freely and so on.

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