Sunday, October 05, 2003

Today I went apple picking, a Tiernan event I signed up for on the theory that I had nothing better to do. As it turned out, I had fun, I got food a lot cheaper than I can around here, and I was surprised to find myself homesick.

In some ways I left home behind cheerfully. Maybe high school was fun for some people, but I'm not one of them. And there's other stuff I wasn't so glad to leave, like my old house and stuff, but I can be realistic - if my parents were going to move, then they were going to move. So basically, I left and practically never looked back. But as I was picking apples today... I realized I am the only person I know outside my family who understands that real, good cider is NOT pasteurized. And how could someone suggest that Dunkin Donuts, or even Krispy Kreme for that matter, could possibly compare to any donut sold alongside cider and pumpkins?

The rest of the world has its good points. But I swear that the first job I get out of college will be somewhere in Vermont, just so that I - for the first time in what will be five years - can spend autumn doing all the stuff that makes life worth living. Like watching the trees turn, for example.

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