Saturday, August 06, 2005

Best Dilbert Quote Ever:

"I believe in karma. That means I can do bad things to people all day long and I assume they deserve it."

Work's been going all right this past week. It's been slow, even to the point where I've felt guilty/self-conscious about how little I've been doing just because I couldn't find anything I could do, but I'm sure it will get busier, probably a lot busier, once the school year starts.

Today we went up to Ikea at Montreal. Got lost going in and coming back, in different ways and for different reasons, which must take some talent. How much French I've lost was a little embarrassing, though. Granted, some Canadians have pretty strong accents (last year I was saying they spoke French with a Southern accent), and the reading ability will take a lot longer to fade, but still. Soon I should go to a bookstore or to get some French-language books, and I'm wondering how many of my DVDs have dubbing. I've got to slow the loss somehow.

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