Thursday, March 01, 2007

They're predicting six to 12 inches of snow between right now and tomorrow night? WTF? At this rate, I'll be a complete stranger by the time I can finally make it up to Friday Night Magic again. Or rather, I'll miss all of Planar Chaos. Three weeks ago, I couldn't go because I was at the New England Press Association conference in Boston. Two weeks ago I maybe could have gone, but it was within two days of the Valentine's Day blizzard, so I wasn't sure roads would be up to snuff and parking lots would be cleared. Last week I almost decided to go, but I had had a late night on Thursday and I was expecting a late night on Saturday, and I wanted to get my sleep* at least one night out of the three. And now, another snowstorm expected? Well, let's hope it's not that bad, and/or it's over with soon. It's good for my wallet that I'm not driving an extra 80 miles a week, I guess, but when I spend 36 hours straight sitting at my computer in my pajamas, the neighbors start to stare**.

* If you think this sounds like an old geezer, especially considering that a "late night" merely means "ready for bed around midnight," well, you're not alone; I've noticed the same thing. On the other hand, though, I'm in the habit of waking up well before work starts at 8:30. And my "late nights" take place roughly an hour's drive away, so I need to be more alert than the average college student. So... meh.

** Joking, of course.

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