Monday, July 05, 2004

I honestly, really have no idea what to think of this. It seems accurate, on the whole, but it couldn't be better designed to shake a leftist's faith in his side. (Notice the word "leftist", not "liberal"; it's a pet peeve of mine how people confuse liberal and conservative with right and left. There's nothing tolerant or open-minded about big chunks of the far left, they just have a non-traditional set of prejudices. And whatever else you say about Bush, you have to admit that he wouldn't know responsible spending or a limited government if it hit him over the head. But anyhoo, that's just a tangent.) I don't think this affects my position much - ever since the war in Iraq began I usually, with some breaks, thought of it as, "Maybe a good idea, definitely a bad execution." But damn, I think I'll have fun showing this to certain progressive people I know when I get back to school and watching their heads explode.

I got back from a week in Québec on the afternoon of Friday the 2nd. It had its good points and bad, but overall it was worth it. Saturday we said goodbye to my cousins and aunt and uncle from Seattle, who had flown into and out of Vermont and drove from here to Québec with us. I'll talk about the party yesterday, and maybe details from the trip or Deep Thoughts, but I'll do it later.

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