Tuesday, March 21, 2006

So I got curious and checked out the trailer for X-Men 3, found here. My thoughts:

1. DAAAMN. I'm counting the days. You know those people who went to showings of "Star Wars: Episode I" or "Return of the King" at midnight of the day before the official opening of the movie? I think this movie will be my first time to be waiting in one of those lines.
2. It seems that Ian McKellen's Magneto in this movie will be more Gandalf-like than ever. But one is the hero and the other is the villain of their respective stories. Dissonant cognition abounds. Some day I expect to see an "Ian vs. Ian" short video online made up of clips of Gandalf's speeches spliced into clips of Magneto's speeches, sort of like that "Daily Show" thing where they played quotes of Bush in the 2000 campaign that were contradicted one after another by quotes from his first term.
3. In other casting news, NBC's Frasier Crane has become Hank McCoy, a blue furry acrobatic mutant. But the funny thing is, it fits. In the comics, Hank McCoy, a.k.a. the Beast, is verbose, pompous and pedantic, but has a heart of gold underneath it all - in other words, he's suspiciously like the character Kelsey Grammer played on sitcoms for something like 15 years. Whether Mystique and Nightcrawler, the two other blue-skinned characters, morph into McCoy's frigid and bitter ex-wife (not too much of a stretch for Mystique, actually) and his whiny, snobby brother remains to be seen.
4. Looks like they're screwing Cyclops over again. I can't say I'm surprised that the moviemakers are emphasizing Wolverine, the most popular X-Man in terms of sales figures, but Cyclops is the backbone of the team and it's sad that he seems to be just an afterthought.
5. Where's Nightcrawler? You know, one of the aforementioned blue guys, got the entire opening action sequence at the beginning of the last movie, an actor who deserves some credit just for putting up with blue full-body makeup... just curious.
6. Some of the battle scenes looked really, really epic. "Braveheart" with blue fur instead of woad. Could be just selective editing to generate hype, of course - after all, these are ads - but if not... cooool. In fact, not just cool, but I'm pretty sure it would be unprecedented.

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