Thursday, September 09, 2010

Only got one carload of stuff done. By the time I was done it was around quarter to five, so another load would have been right in the middle of rush hour. Oh well. I can probably fit it all in T.'s cousin's van, and if I can't, both my roommates have cars and could probably be persuaded to help me take a few boxes across town for a reasonable payment.

Busy, tiring, stressful day here. The move is a big reason for the tiring, but also, work sucks. Most of what I've been doing over the past week has been the kind of project I like least at the job, and it's been just as much of a mess as always. I just spent an hour trying to straighten something out... and in the five minutes since getting back to my desk, I don't think the next part is in any better shape.

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