Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Packing progress: well, I'm daunted by the amount I still have to do, but my stated goal was two carloads of stuff tomorrow afternoon, and I think that's plausible. It'll depend on how big the rental car is, of course; I got some kind of Civic rather than a van or something, partly to save money and partly for ease of driving. Other than on vacations, I haven't driven in two years, so I figured I should stick with something small and familiar. Maybe that's being overcautious, but anyways.

Even if I manage to pack the car to its weight capacity on both trips tomorrow, I know there will be some stuff left behind. I know I'll have help with some of it on Saturday, but if for some reason it can't all go then, I still think this move will go much better than how it went last time. If I can't fit everything, then so what? I'll leave it here for a few days or, hell, a few weeks, no problem, until I can ask/hector/call in a favor to get someone with a car to help me. And it would only take them two hours or less, so it's a reasonable request.

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