Friday, October 22, 2010

Apparently it's election season. I plan to vote, but beyond that, meh. I agree more with August J. Pollack than with John Cole. (Not that I'd stand by every word and nuance of the phrasing of either of them, of course.) I hope the Democrats win, and the leading Republicans are indeed horrifying to imagine in positions of power while being hilarious in their current role as mere topics of media discussion. But you know, I have to admit I'm a bit apathetic and very cynical to begin with, and the lesser of two evils is not sufficient motivation for me to donate time or substantial amounts of money.

That being said, I have a tiny, fond hope that the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear will be so big that they will narrow the enthusiasm gap a lot. Even if they don't accomplish anything concrete - and to be serious for a moment, expecting them to would be unfair - I'm sure they'll be fun. T. was interested in the Rally to Restore Sanity, but when they were being billed as separate events I wanted to go to the Rally to Keep Fear Alive for the entertainment.

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