Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why am I so bored and lethargic today?

Is it because I didn't get a good night's sleep last night? Got to bed a little after the usual time, but more importantly, I was awake for at least half an hour or so starting at 4:15 a.m.

Am I sick, or getting sick? T. got a flu shot last week and found that it hurt more and longer than she expected and over this past weekend she was blowing her nose and feeling cold a lot, so she theorized that the shot was bad because she was already slightly sick. If so, then I'll probably catch it as well.

Is it because I'm annoyed by what's going on in both World of Warcraft and Magic: the Gathering at the moment? In the former, big patch today, big changes, that will probably mean no normal play tonight, and I'm coming close to the deadline to do certain things before they vanish forever. In the latter, I haven't been able to sit down and play for a couple weeks now. Still haven't made a deck that I think I'd be happy with taking to a tournament at the store. Haven't heard from Paul and Dave since they both said they'd be busy for a while. (No reason I can't try to get in touch with them again, of course, but I did it last time and maybe the time before.) So I'm spinning my wheels in both my hobbies.

Is it because dinner last night was a mess? It was a new recipe to both T. and me, and it could have been worse, but it sure could have been better too. (No, this alone pretty much definitely isn't why I'm feeling crappy now, almost 24 hours later, it's just a minor annoyance.)

Is it because this is basically Monday? Yesterday was a holiday, so this is my first day back at work. And, of course, Mondays suck.

Related to the last option, this reminds me of my personal theory that as styles of time off go, long weekends are secretly a horrible option. Aside from all the obvious stuff about how work generally isn't your real life, there are three reasons for time off from work: to unwind (catch up on sleep and/or sleep in for a while, tire yourself out in a fun way for once, deal with fewer people if you're an introverted type, etc.), to recharge (hang out with friends you don't see much of, de-habituate yourself to workplace annoyances), and to catch up on all the routine stuff that you can't easily do on workdays.

A weekend isn't long enough to either unwind or recharge, and even if it was most people wouldn't want to because they'll just have to go back, of course. A week off is long enough for both. A three-day or four-day weekend is long enough to unwind but not long enough to recharge. So when I have a four-day weekend I generally come back dopey, because I unwound by sleeping in and vegging out... but still prone to twitch when I see an annoying co-worker, because I wasn't gone long enough to forget about them.

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