Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Of my last five entries, three have been about practically nothing but class and one about politics. From this, one might get the idea that I have no social life and no extracurricular activities.

And one wouldn't be completely wrong. One would be wrong, but not completely. I work. I socialize casually with friends, almost all of whom live on my hall. Or are going to school in other states. I play computer games and read blogs and Usenet discussion group postings and watch downloaded episodes of TV shows I like. Monday nights I (usually) go to a gaming club, but I'm the new guy so I still barely know most people there. The Campus Times is a solitary activity for those who, like me, are not editors.

That's my routine, but it's not every single minute of my day. Which gets me to the point of this whole thing: to write about the Tiernan turkey party. I'm posting this so I can't forget to write about it later. In brief: it was fun. There's more to say about it and the Tiernan project in general (where's it going? how could I help it get there?), both positive and negative, but now's not the time - I very much need my sleep.

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