Sunday, April 17, 2005

Worry of the week at the Campus Times: I don't have a replacement lined up. As yet, there is no copy editor for next semester.

Of course, it's my fault - I should have been looking harder for a replacement. As the editor who's graduating in the middle of a term, it's my responsibility and I haven't taken care of it. No need to get fatalistic because there's still time to get one, but I haven't yet. But still, it really feels like there's only so much I could have done. I mean, just due to what my social life and extracurricular clubs are like, I think there's a grand total of only two freshmen I know from outside the CT. And a few more sophomores, but not many. And by the time someone's a junior, chances are good - I shouldn't assume anything, but that's how it's looking to me - that they have already found all the clubs and commitments they want. I've tried to do some recruiting among those half-dozen sophomore I know, and I have had some success.

So, that said... consider this an advertisement. Is anyone out there interested? Abby, could you be persuaded to take the plunge and graduate from copy staff to copy editor? Audrey?

Let me offer a few reassurances: a job as copy editor would never be anywhere near as much work as news editor. A lot of people have heard me complaining about how bad the work can be, but just in case it hasn't already been clear, this semester has been a lot less work than last year was for me. You spend some hours reading the CT stories for grammar and punctuation and the rules of CT style like what kind of font goes with which headline, and that's it.

And for that you get to be at the center of what goes on here at UR, you get home-cooked desserts and free food from off-campus restaurants, you get to hang out with some hilarious people - for a small, very mild sample, check out some things I myself have said - you learn a ton about writing, and you get to write something really great on your résumé. There's a line in my résumé that reads something like "Writer and news editor for an award-winning college newspaper."

It's work, but it's also fun. If you are a decent writer - the rules unique to the CT are easy to learn - and you aren't too very busy on next semester, there is a very good chance you'll enjoy it. So, anyone interested?

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