Saturday, July 16, 2005

I bought the new Harry Potter book last night. I'm halfway finished with it now.

I'm slipping in my old age.

It's good so far. I'm suspicious of Dumbledore at this point, so you know Rowling is doing something right. Although if she actually does make Snape a bad guy rather than just an asshole, like she's been threatening to do since the beginning of the series, I'll probably be disappointed. Harry is a 16-year-old - he's not supposed to be right about everything!

On the job front, things are going. The interview on Monday with the foundation went well, I thought, (interesting factoid: the boss, Rick, is the father of a friend of Zoƫ's) and I just got asked back to come in again this coming Monday, "to discuss next steps" as he put it. And I have a much better feeling about the job; it looks like fun, and a good place to work. The only problem is that it's [very close to] Middlebury, so I'd still be living here instead of up in Burlington. But other than that, it looks very good. I also had an interview with a temp placement agency yesterday, which also went well. If they can find anything for me, I hope they do it quickly, because I'd almost feel guilty turning down a job with Mr. Dalton after I was so positive.

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