Thursday, July 21, 2005

Urgh. I was in the middle of writing a relatively in-depth political post, but Firefox stopped responding because I was using it to read a .pdf document and do a few other things at once. Damn. Well, the post was just going to be explaining why I haven't been writing too much political stuff lately, so it's not like it was something too important. Basically, I don't have anything to say about Rove outing Plame* because it's small potatoes compared to a dozen other things this administration has done.

And I don't have anything to say about Bush appointing this Roberts guy to the Supreme Court because while he's obviously too right-wing - what else could you possibly expect? - he's not bad enough to provide a smoking gun, so there's really no way anyone can do anything about it. That nuclear option-averting gang of 14 in the Senate had some cautiously optimistic statements about him, so despite his reactionary rulings and arguments on all fronts - environmentalism, labor, abortion, seperation of church and state, race relations, he's against them all** - it seems there's nothing we can do but take comfort in the fact that Ann Coulter thinks he's not conservative enough.

* Just to cover my ass - allegedly outing her.

** As far as I can tell after days of reading other peoples' opinions and up to 20 minutes of doing something similar to research.

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