Saturday, August 28, 2004

Fan with rotating grill function to spread air throughout the room and a timed shutoff. Electrostorm light, one of those things that generates lightning that follows your fingers if you touch it. My computer, which, despite sucking, is my computer rather than being shared with the rest of my family, and which is on a college LAN. A 12-pack of Heineken. A room within walking distance of all my necessities, and within a short bus ride of almost all my luxuries. And of course, seeing a bunch of good friends again that I haven't seen in months.

Why in the world was I not enthusiastic about coming back to the U of R???


Anonymous said...

could it be because of a girl you left back home?


A. Azuri said...

*chimes in* Maybe more than one? *shrugs* Vermont has its benefits, I'm sure... but I know that where I am is better than where I was... you dig?