Thursday, August 26, 2004

I just finished my last day of work - Woo Hoo! Seriously though, to be fair, the pay was good, the people were nice, and the work was easy (it was always either boring or frustrating, but at least it was easy.) If not for the fact that it's an hour's drive away, I'd seriously consider it next summer, if I'll want a temp job then. But, since it IS an hour's drive away... only if the alternative is starvation.

I'm going back to Rochester on Saturday. That means that thanks to my famous procrastination, I have only about 48 hours to pack - but that's the easy part - and also do two tasks I've put off all summer, which should be harder: organize my comic book collection (I have probably more than a hundred lying around my room in piles, some sliding off themselves or pressing against the shelves above them) and sort through my clothes to decide which ones to give away or throw away. Those will probably be harder than packing. Oh well. It's not like it really matters if I don't finish them, and if I do, then when I come back for a vacation I'll come back to a clean room for the first time in three years.

It might be amusing to see how my parents handle "empty nest" syndrome. My sister's starting her freshman year at Northeastern. She's leaving the weekend after me. It'll be the first time in 22 years that my parents were away from both of us for more than a week at a time. But OTOH, to be less dramatic, it might not be amusing. I mean, between my sister's busy social life, my odd work hours this past month, and the fact that there will still be 6 pets around the house, the empty nest might affect them emotionally but it will hardly affect their schedules/lifestyle at all.

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