Thursday, August 12, 2004

I always think it's hilarious how people still haven't decided what to call this decade. It's almost half over, and the issue is just avoided. I mean, every time I turn on the radio, I hear something like this: "We play the best music of the eighties... the nineties... and today!"

"Today". Not the aughts, which I think is what the 1900's were called, probably because it sounds so old-fashioned. Not the zeroes, the zilches, or the nils, because they all sound too depressing. And not even "the new millenium", because it's too long and doesn't roll off the tongue.

Of course, if it's bad now, it'll be a lot worse after this decade is over. Because then they'll still have to talk about this decade, but they won't have the shortcut of calling it stuff like "today". I can just picture turning on the radio on my 40th birthday (assuming radio isn't obselete by then) and hearing: "We play the best music of the nineties... the teens... that decade between them... and today!"

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Anonymous said...

Personally, my favorite was the fact that when I moved to NC in 1997 they advertised "the best variety of the 80s, 90s, and today". Apparently the 90s ended in 96.

Perhaps some government agency will open up a "name the decade" contest.