Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Reason #33 why my job sucks: I got down there today (an hour's drive one way) only to be told that they didn't need me. I do get days off, of course, but normally they let me know about it in advance. Or at least tell me to call before coming in because they'll be able to tell me if I'm needed or not. But apparently my supervisor either forgot or just didn't bother to let me know today. Yeah, I was pissed. But I made the best of it - I hung out with Jo for a few hours. Nothing special, but a helluva lot more fun than work would have been.

So, my birthday celebration: my original plans for the weekend changed a bit at the last minute. At first it was simple: shopping and dinner with my family Saturday, partying with Jo and friends Sunday. But Thursday or so Jo called me to say that her mom couldn't drive her up to Burlington as planned, so she needed a ride.
Saturday afternoon I drove down to pick Jo up at work and we went up to Burlington to meet my family for dinner at the Olive Garden. After that she and I went shopping for a bit on Church St. and looked for her friend Tessa. We were greeted at Tessa's place by someone Jo had never met - Lauren, a new roommate. She pointed us to American Flatbread where Tessa worked and we finally found her. We went back to her place and hung out for a bit, then later went out to a bar/dance club they knew. We finally got to sleep after 4 a.m. My couch wasn't great, but under the circumstances 7 hours of sleep was pretty damn good, really.

Crullers and coffee was breakfast Sunday. Jo and I tried to go to Earth Prime comics, but it was closed for some strange reason. And Sunday night we went to this big dance at a place called the Metronome. It was fun. I'm very much not a big dancer, but still, I can enjoy it and get into it as much as anyone when I'm with the right crowd (and have had 3 whiskey sours and 3 beers).

I met 6 or 8 people this weekend, most of whom I only have very vague impressions of, which is OK because, hey, when am I going to see them again? But Tessa is impossible to forget. She goes out of her way to be bizarre. Sunday night she wore a pink mohawk to the Metronome. When she was warning me of what to expect, Jo told me that Tessa was like a puppy. She just meant the exuberance, the saying-hello-by-jumping-on-you (Tessa greets everyone with a hug, apparently), that sort of thing. I jokingly asked if she also, like a puppy, bit you whenever she got excited - and it turns out that she does. Jo and Lauren both got bite marks Sunday afternoon some time.

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