Sunday, August 15, 2004

My hands are weird.

I can only write or draw left-handed. But when I'm throwing a baseball or football or something like that, I have much better distance and aim when I use my right hand. I also kick better with my right foot. And I think I punch better with my right hand too, but it's hard to be sure. But when I'm carrying something heavy, it'll be in my left hand.

And as I found out last night - I bowl better left-handed. Well, I think so. I bowled 3 games with some guys from work. At the beginning of the third game I decided to use my left hand, and was surprised to find that it went much better. At least, less painfully, and the ball slipped out of my hands a lot less. Even though the second game (still using my right hand) was the only one when I got any spares or strikes. But that's probably (hopefully) just because I had used it for two games and therefore had more practice, whereas my left hand only got one game.


A. Azuri said...

I usually use my left hand and arm for carrying things, too, but usually only because I need my right hand to open doors.

I should go bowling more. I actually got two strikes last year when I went with people - the first two strikes I've ever gotten - so maybe I should try practicing... but then again, there's a plethora of new classes to focus upon, although now I've eased things a bit more so I can have more time on Friday to get things done (an English class on Mon. and Wed. nights, creative writing yay!).

Anonymous said...

I have a similar handedness pattern. I write, eat, use my toothbrush and scissors with my left hand; but I kick/punch/catch/throw with my right hand, and my right hand has a stronger grip. The only exception to this pattern is using a mouse, and given that there was no such thing as a two-handed mouse when I started using them, this isn't surprising.

I think (but have no scientific info to back me up) that this is a common pattern among the left-handed. We use the left hand for fine motor control, and the right for gross motor control/strength. Some (like you) have more fuzzy boundaries. But it's something to think about on those rare occassions when someone asks if you're right- or left-handed.