Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Turkey Party was fun. I was badgered into entering the contest. At first I wasn't going to do it, because I figured it would be much better to do nothing at all than to do something pitiful, half-assed, and clearly either for the prize or because I was talked into it. But when I finally thought of a theme that would be interesting and doable on short notice, I got into it. So, I was a Zombie Turkey. I took the construction paper beak and tail everyone uses, and added to it a gaping throat wound I bought for Halloween, some fake blood and a ripped shirt. I thought it went pretty damn well. For my song, I sang along to Alice Cooper's "Feed My Frankenstein", doing my best to add turkey-themed lyrics: "Feed my butterball! Hungry for stuffing, and it's dinnertime!" And so on.

And in the end, I won the prize - a bottle of Wild Turkey.

The party was fun. It wasn't wild by any standard, but there were quite a few more people than last year (I think) and we had fun. Card games, dancing (mostly to "The Time Warp"), and a lot of drinks. But I was sorry to disappoint Seth and some other people - I only had four. They were deprived of seeing me drunk, which I'm told can be quite a show.

The end of the year is creeping up on us. The next issue of the CT is the last one this semester, elections are coming up, and I'm forced to realize that I let myself get too far behind in one class. Not that it's a hard class, just that it has that combination of ease and self-direction which makes it incredibly easy to put stuff off or lose track. Frex, I could have done this one assignment in all of an hour, but I never, ever get reminders of it, so short of tacking the syllabus up by my computer I'd forget about it until too late. But then, it's not like this class matters at all.

I was planning on coming home for Thanksgiving today like usual, but plans changed: I know this girl, Laura, who's from Vermont, and this friend of hers is also from VT and is driving back. So I saved some money and some time on the road and I'm leaving with them early tomorrow morning.

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