Monday, November 29, 2004

Weekend update: good times. Except of course for putting Felicia down. I was crying my eyes out in the vet's office, but it was pretty much inevitable. Arthritis, incontinence, glaucoma, deafness - she was just too old. She was a good dog, and I don't mean that in the impersonal, "fill in name here" sense. I've come to like our pug Fiji, but when she dies I'll probably be calling her fun, funny, cute - but not a good dog. But Felicia was. She wouldn't hurt a fly, yet she'd always be so eager to say hello to every new person or dog she saw that it was a real effort to hold her back on walks. We'd sometimes call her "the Nose" because when she wanted attention, she wouldn't bark or scratch or anything, she'd just stick her nose in front of you or rub up against you until you scratched her head. At our old house (where we let her outside a lot more, because she wasn't deaf yet and there were fewer neighbors to care if she ran off anyways) she'd always be so bouncy and perky, it was like an 8-year-old puppy.

Well, anyways... Thursday was a simple Thanksgiving dinner with the family. Turkey and stuff. Friday I went over to Gretchen's. We got dinner and went to see "The Incredibles". I had heard mostly good things about it, so, being a comic book geek, I just had to go. And I liked it. I think my favorite scene is near the end, when


the family is at Dash's track meet, and they're cheering him on, but yelling for him to slow down so he doesn't win by too much and give away his powers. "Faster, Dash, faster! You can do it! Wait, slow down, let them get ahead again! Okay, now faster!" What they were saying, the expressions of the people sitting around them... hilarious.


Saturday I went up to Burlington to pick up Jo and give her a ride home, since she had spent the night there with friends but didn't have a car. I also did a little Christmas shopping up in Burlington. We hung out at her house for a bit with Kendra, Paul, and his boyfriend Eric. Was Eric his name? Oh well, if not, it would hardly be the only thing I've forgotten. We watched Shrek 2, which Jo had just bought, and she showed me the progress on the mural she was hired to paint at a nearby bar.

And Sunday I had another excellent ride back. Despite starting a little late and bad traffic, it was still about four hours quicker than the bus would have been, and a whole lot roomier and with better company.

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A. Azuri said...

"Go for second place!"

And then there's that kid - "That was WICKED!"

Dash - "NO ONE... HURTS... MY... SISTER!" and "I'm alive! Yay!... uh oh." And away he goes.