Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Remember how I said I didn't do much over the weekend? Well... I should have. (Actually, I said that too. Redundant.) Wednesday and Thursday I have one midterm and one paper due. On each day. And while I don't have anything like that due in the seminar in fiction, I'm already behind and I really, if at all possible, want to avoid getting more behind. And to top things off I made the stupid mistake of offering to write a story for the CT.

So I'm only back in my room long enough to drop off some books I won't need and pick up the power cord for my iPod. (I'm going to want to listen to it for several hours yet, and using the iTalk voice recorder thing drains the battery pretty quick.)

The hard part - getting quotes - is done for the story, now I just have to get one or two more and turn it into an article, almost certainly before noon tomorrow. Tonight I also plan to write a paper - relatively easy, no research or anything, just analyzing a certain argument for Philosophy of Language - do some story critiques to keep from getting further behind, and study for the criminal law midterm. I'm optimistic about everything but that.

Part of getting ready for the Art and Politics paper has been reading Marguerite Duras' War, and watching the movie "Marooned in Iraq." Fucking depressing. A story about a concentration camp survivor from the point of view of his (ex)-wife (dammit, that was one hell of a homecoming), a movie about an entire population who are forced by prejudice and circumstance to live as nomads on the fringes of civilization... Duras really pulls you into the story of a victim of one of the worst examples of man's humanity to man ever. And the movie could be something out of the Dark Ages, despite the fact that it's based on events that actually happened in the 1990s. I wish I had the time for a drink.

One good thing today - running into Alfred, a friend from my old Arabic classes. Nice guy. I just happened to be walking by his office so I stopped in for a minute and he doesn't like his job, so he was happy to talk for a bit and catch up. I wound up being late for something, but who cares.

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