Thursday, March 03, 2005

Fuck. I think I just bombed that exam in Criminal Procedures and Constitutional Principles. I didn't do much studying, and I was OK on the broad outline of things, but I was clueless about most of the specific cases.

Well, it's not so bad - I can hope that it'll be graded on a curve, or that I just guessed right on most of the times I guessed (the whole thing was true/false or multiple choice). And even if neither of those is true, there's still a paper and a final that's worth twice as much - plenty of time to turn things around. Assuming of course that I actually do turn it around, dammit.

I got out of the CT about half an hour ago. That's not too bad, considering that we went 24 pages this week and that we were shorter than usual on copy editors. But I'm not back in my room and I probably won't be asleep until 7 or so, unfortunately - I have a paper due.

This brings back that rule I tried to remember, but wasn't able to get quite right. It's OK to put things off until the last minute, as long as you can accurately estimate when the last minute is.

I fully expect to get about 12 hours of sleep Thursday night, though, and be ready for a fun and busy break. Where I catch up on work or, barring that, at least do some other more long-term projects I should get to.

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