Thursday, February 05, 2004

Things I learned tonight:

1) Check up on writers around Monday. In other words, avoid finding out Wednesday that a story is not coming in.

2) Give any story on Tuesday or Wednesday to senior staff. The time Sandeep and I spent writing our stories could have been better spent.

Despite these problems, tonight went (relatively) well. Right now we're free except for the fact that three pages are printing at a glacial pace, if at all. This doesn't sound good - until you consider that last week we were here until 9, and two weeks ago the paper wasn't ready until about 11 am. We're getting better. And it shows that the problems are not due to incompetence or laziness (at least not on the parts of the editors), just inexperience and, to a certain extent, circumstances. If that front-page-worthy meeting about Napster had happened tomorrow instead of today, then we would have had to scramble and fudge it a bit to fill our space - but our editor in chief wouldn't have been writing copy well after midnight, and a computer would have been free for more urgent uses.

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