Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Well, the A-Sock-sination game (Tiernan's unique version of Assassins) has been going on for almost two days now (it'll be 48 hours at 1 a.m.) and I'm still alive. It's pretty funny, really, just how much I'm getting into this. Looking over my shoulder at every turn, taking alternate routes to my room, waiting half an hour for my victim... Finally, a game that revolves around one skill I'm great at - stalking people! :) (Don't worry, it's completely a joke.)

Homework has, true to form, been put off until the last minute. I had two things due today and, though I had looked them over before to make sure they weren't hard, I didn't actually put pencil to paper or keys to keyboard until well after dark last night. But on the positive side, I am catching up on the CT a bit. I have a ways to go before I'm on top of things enough, but I'm closer now than I was a week ago.

Sandeep said today that he's not going to work with the CT anymore after his term is up in December. He's easy to work with, so I'll miss him next semester, whether I'm an editor again (if I get Take Five, and remind me to write about that soon too) or if I'm just a writer. But what he said, combined with how I had been working on some stuff for this week's mini-paper, reminded me of something: I'm not much of an editor either. I mean, I don't know if it's leadership jobs in general or maybe it's details about this specific one. But I have to drag myself through all the section editor stuff - telling writers to write being the biggest one - but it's not due to run-of-the-mill laziness, because I'll jump on any chance to work on stories instead of that stuff.

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