Monday, December 20, 2004

Earlier today I checked WebCT (the service that lets some classes have notes be posted online and homework sent in online), and found my term grade for Business Ethics was C+. Nothing to complain about there. Obviously, i should have done better im a bad student one of these days i need to learn planning and bla bla blah. But I think a C+ is an acceptable grade for a class that's just an allied field to my second major. That's the class which I was doing badly in because it was so easy to miss deadlines and stuff. And the Access Web page is slow as death, probably because of other people trying to do the same thing I am, but I finally got through. Another grade is posted - American Literature, where I got an A-.

Today I did practically nothing other than the household chores and stuff. I might have been tempted to go to town, but with the weather I didn't even think of it.

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