Friday, December 17, 2004

Home. Nice drive back. Relaxing. Good to see pets again. Looking forward to Christmas party tomorrow at Jo's. Zoë's vacation has started, but she's gone back down to Burlington to do a day's work, so I haven't seen her yet. Considering a temp job, like subbing at high school or going back to that temp agency, for that week after New Year's but before I go back to school. I'm thinking of it partly for the money, of course, and partly because I feel like the way Zoë constantly has a paying job makes me look bad, but the biggest reason is simply the fact that before this summer I didn't really know about the options for very temporary work in this area. When I asked my dad for advice about subbing, he brought up looking for a real job. Not a bad idea, for that matter, since I'll need one in just a few months, won't I.

It's sort of funny how I can get competitive about my iPod. I have 800 songs on it. That's more songs than I've ever owned in my life, considering that after Thanksgiving break I burned 8 CDs belonging to my parents and sister onto it. (And I'm already making plans to add a few more CDs of theirs.) And yet I've talked to two people with iPods who both have hundreds more songs than me. I'm culturally deprived! I'm clueless! I used to be such a techie, but now some girls who barely know anything about computers are putting their toys to much better use than me! I'm not geeky enough! Waah!

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A. Azuri said...

And then there are she-geeks like me who know how to find any information on the 'Net, and who have almost 4000 songs on their 20 gigabyte iPod. And they set up printers without anybody else's help, so there!
Besides, I think your geekiness is still there - it's just shifted in a different direction.