Sunday, June 19, 2005

Remember what I said about picking at the stitches? Heh heh heh... whoops. Well, Dr. Kiernan now only has to do half as much work when I go see him Wednesday. (Assuming of course that I'll still need to...)

Relaxing Father's Day. We didn't do anything really high on the Togetherness-O-Meter, but Zoe and I gave dad his present - a bike shirt - I mowed the lawn, he went biking, after dinner he and I went on a drive and retraced his bike route to figure out exactly how long it was, I did some organizing in my room - it's amazing how cluttered it could get after just a month, but on the other hand a lot of the clutter is a lot older than that, and besides it's not like I have a desk for any actual filing-type space. I've got a relatively busy day planned for tomorrow, so I shouldn't stay up too much later...

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