Saturday, June 04, 2005

Today I mowed the lawn, sweated, and made some changes to a Magic deck. I broke down and ordered a few cards online. Three Donates, for one thing. I cast something that helps me when it comes into play but hurts me a little bit every turn or kills me when it leaves play... then I Donate it to my opponent. I'm definitely a combo player.

My parents encouraged me to go to this comedian who was performing in Vergennes tonight. The whole idea was to get out and meet people rather than sit in front of my computer like, well, like I'm doing right now. It was easy for me to decide not to - if nothing else, pay a cover charge to see a bush league comedian when Comedy Central is free? Hell, I could just go to a gaming store in Burlington tomorrow and at least there I'm meeting people I have an interest in common with - but it's a strong reminder that I'm stuck in a rut, socially. Partly the small town thing after getting used to the community on Burton 2 and at UR in general, but mostly me.

Oh well. I think I will go to Quarterstaff Games tomorrow. Even if people aren't playing there - and I'd be surprised - I'm still getting out of the house. And this is just more incentive for me to get a job nailed down.

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