Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Suddenly I have a job, but it's not as good news as it sounds like. I'm going to be subbing at my dad's school tomorrow. (He's a high school principal.) A science teacher called in sick at the last minute or something, so I've got to do it. On the one hand, the pay is good, and even though science isn't my area I should be able to fudge it well enough to get through one single day of high school-level classes... but on the other hand, do I really want to go back to high school? Really? I didn't like it much the first time; why would things go any better as a substitute teacher than as a student?

Oh well. The pay is good, by the standards of a guy like me. I mean, I'm an English major who hasn't even finished a degree yet; with that in mind, I should be lucky to get a job making more than $10/hour thrown at me without even trying. I can survive one single day of anything. If it goes well, I'll do it again until I find a regular job, and if not, it's only one day.

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