Monday, February 07, 2005

In CLARC right now, typing up notes for a CT story about some awards the Simon School won. Apparently they're putting a lot of work into their marketing and communications, and it's getting recognized. It looks like an easy story. A minute ago I wondered if I was making it too much of a puff piece, if I was being too easy on the people I was talking to, if I should ask some tough questions about the commercialization of education or some such like, but screw it - it's a business school. This is nothing at all like UR's Sanskrit program being eliminated.

I saw people selling and auctioning off Red Sox stuff in Wilson Commons earlier today, so I called dad and asked him if he wanted me to bid on anything. :)

I'm probably going to wind up skipping ballroom dance at 8 p.m. tonight. There are a number of reasons not to - it's fun, I've paid for it, I deal with Julie (one of the two teachers) outside of class so it might be a little bit rude - but I'm in a productive mood right now, and I shouldn't waste it. I have quite a bit of work to catch up on in my fiction seminar, an article and an editorial to do for the CT... a class I should probably go to... well, it is the class whose attendance is optional, and there are so few actual assignments that I have plenty of time to get on track - but still. Stuff to do more interesting or more important than ballroom, and I should seize the moment.

BTW, how do I know that Julie? I've got a sort of job. I'm a test subject in a control group in this BCS research project she's running. I don't know too much about it because I've just barely finished the pre-testing, the bit meant to get a baseline reading of my reaction time and stuff, but I'm going to get paid for it and the biggest risk on the disclaimer form (that's not the right phrase, what would you call that thing?) was "boredom," so I'm confident it will be worth it.

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