Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Busy day. Made busier by procrastination, but it would have been busy under any circumstances.

At this point, since I haven't talked to Kim again, I figure I'll just let Sara do what she can. There's a chance that she'll be able to get something, and it's worth trying for. I suppose technically that means I'm wimping out and not apologizing like I talked about doing earlier. At least, not yet. Well, who knows - if she can get something good, I have nothing to apologize for, do I.

Okay, so tomorrow I (very optimistically) start the day at the gym, hopefully get a little work done before class, hopefully get a little work done on story critiques during class, maybe or maybe not nap between class and group therapy, do laundry either during or immediately after group, right after group get hard to work on paper stuff, and get >6 hours of sleep Wednesday night.

Wednesday I ignore the Arabic worksheet, pack (it's only a weekend, it can't be that hard to figure out), and... fuck it all. I don't need to have all this planned out so rigidly. As long as the paper's all right and I get on the plane, everything's fine.

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