Tuesday, March 09, 2004


Thursday night, we didn't do much of anything. Wednesday was a deadline night, so I had got no sleep except for a couple hours on the plane, and nobody was too much better off than me. We had dinner at a southwestern place near the hotel, walked down the strip a ways, and called it a night.

Friday we got up early for the presentations. Our editors and senior staff would be proud of us: we skipped both the keynote speakers, but other than that we put in complete 9-to-5's, going to every presentation we could. For lunch we went to a Japanese place near the convention. And speaking of "near the convention", we decided we hate Linda (our business manager). There's a hotel right next to the one where the convention was held with almost the same name as the one where we stayed, and we're almost sure she was supposed to put us there instead of where she did put us. Which was almost a mile away. Anyways, Friday we had dinner at this great hibachi place and after that walked the strip a while and drank. Rich and Jackie would have done some shopping - for that matter, I would have too - but no one had a backpack or anything, and we hoped to do some clubbing later on, so we decided not to get anything and keep our hands free. But as it happened, we didn't manage to find a club or anything that would allow in people under 21, like Jackie and Yuting. So in the end we just went back to our rooms that night.

Saturday we were diligent at the convention again except for a keynotes speaker. We went to dinner at a nice restaurant/brewery near our hotel. We had quite a few drinks, there and walking along the strip afterwards. Then we did go shopping. I got "Queer Eye"d by Rich. It was, if nothing else, entertaining. Jackie and Yuting were tired, so Rich and I went to a couple clubs. That was fun. It's very, very nice, getting into a club for free because you're cute. :)

Sunday and Monday, for reasons I've already explained, I spent in transit home. I got very little sleep Sunday.

Today has been interesting. It's had its ups and downs. But I need my sleep and I want to at least make sure it's possible to watch a TV episode I just downloaded and I need to get to some work I have tonight or tomorrow, so I'll call it quits for now.

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