Sunday, March 28, 2004

Sandal weather



This weekend has been fun. Not as productive as I would have liked, maybe. I had planned to be good and go to the gym both yesterday morning and today, but yesterday morning something else came up and this morning I was up later than I had planned. But then, there's not a day goes by I can say was perfectly "productive". And I did get some stuff done. I started on an April Fool's Day article, I almost caught up on my Arabic work (except for a couple worksheets that have English-to-Arabic parts, which is much harder than the reverse), and it's not even noon on Sunday yet.

And I had fun. Friday night Alissa invited me to go see this audience participation comedy act at a bar called Cocktail's to support a friend of a friend of hers, who was producing it. That was funny.

Saturday morning I was kind of depressed, for a stupid reason. I had finally talked myself into going to the gym before breakfast, but Alexa IMed me and suggested we go for a walk. It was too cold and wet for us to want to go far, so we turned around and just got big lunches from the Pit. Yeah, pretty much the exact opposite of the healthy morning I had planned. But I'm not complaining - I got to catch up with Alexa. We're good friends, but for no apparent reason we see very little of each other. I had a pretty lazy afternoon, but eventually I got around to getting to work and I did the Arabic and started the April Fool's Day story I mentioned. And then I got a call from Kim and Jamie, inviting me to go to the Spot (I don't know, some coffee shop in town) with them. Nice place. After I got back I hung out with Brian a bit.

Now... off to the CT office to try to put together an April Fool's Day issue. Three pages in three hours - hah!

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