Monday, March 08, 2004

Penny wise and pound foolish.

I really should have done as Jackie did and taken a plane home from Vegas. It would have been even easier for me than it was for her, because there must have been flights from Philadelphia - where our connecting flight was - to Burlington. Instead, I decided to take the free ticket back to Rochester, get a bus out tomorrow morning, and save money. Well, it was also partly because buying a one-way ticket puts you on airport security's shit list, but the money was the big thing.

This, mind you, was to come home from a weekend in Las Vegas. If I had skipped that trip to the strip club, or if we had gone the ghetto route on drinks the whole weekend instead of splurging sometimes, I probably could have paid for most of a one-way Philly-Burlington ticket right there. I'm not saying I should have done that; we were in Vegas to have fun. (And to learn about writing and editing and to meet people and bla bla bla.) But with the money I cheerfully spent on trifles, why get "smart" when it costs me about a day at home?

I have a lot more to say about the weekend and stuff. I can think of a couple things that would have made it better, but really, it was damn good. And stuff to say about the latest developments or lack thereof in my love life and my outlook on life in general. But I've learned, finally, a lesson or two from the past: when I'm as tired as I am now, I should avoid all deep thought. So introspective musings will have to wait.

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